WebFeet Research, founded in 2000, is an internationally known market research firm that provides in-depth trend analyses within the semiconductor memory market. Our research spans the incumbent Flash (NOR and NAND), DRAM, SSD, and Non-Volatile Memories while recognizing the memory market model has, over time, become less precise about the representation of new architectures and memory types. The sharp contrast between the needs of the Hyperscale, Cloud, Enterprise and Consumer has never been more distinct than now. The broad scope of these changes has become challenging to the incipient memory community. Each member explores a small part without understanding the larger problem of memory technology placement as in-memory pattern computing replaces von Neumann computing. WebFeet Research has reorganized around these required market thought processes and is now able to provide exceptional analyses for the memory market direction and how the changing market demands distribute across the memory technology spectrum – these are the core insights that WebFeet Research delivers.

Market Trends and Forecasts


  • Flash (Serial NOR and NAND) / NVM Memories - (Serial E2, NVSRAM, MRAM, CBRAM/RRAM, FeFET/FRAM, NRAM, OTP-ROM, PCM)


  • 3D NAND-Flash

  • DRAM

  • Persistent Memory - (XPoint, NVRAM)

  • Associative Memory


Through careful analysis, WebFeet assists clients in developing, implementing, and monitoring strategies enabling them to be more competitive in the memory market and the transition to memory centric computing.



Vision + Knowledge = Direction​


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