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WebFeet Research (WFR) is a professional services organization that assists clients in the semiconductor, electronics and finance industries to see the evolution of memory and storage in the von Neumann architecture move to pattern computing and associative in-memory compute involving key value store in hyperdimensional compute. 

The company has consistently identified the emerging trends in the electronics industry and has been the first to forecast their impact in the Flash and Non-Volatile Memory markets since its inception in 2000. Some of WFR’s firsts are in the following areas: SSD, Flash cache/Hybrid Flash, Embedded Flash Drives, Ultrabooks, Mobile storage, MP3, NAND MCP, USB Drives, emFlash, Flash SIM cards, micro Flash cards, and serial NOR Flash.

The company offers a full complement of technology and management consulting services; and market research for non-volatile memory, solid state storage and mobile hard disk drive products. Special emphasis has been focused on the development and growth of Flash memory, Embedded Flash Drives, Flash cache and SSD markets. 

The subscription services offered by WebFeet Research concentrate on Non-Volatile Memory and Storage Systems, which is segmented into three services: Technology, Storage Systems, and Memory Components. 

WebFeet Research also provides custom studies, technology evaluation and competitive analyses of consumer, mobile and computing technologies, products and industry trends. The professional services and syndicated studies give WebFeet Research, its clients and its clients’ clients a competitive edge in their respective markets.

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